BMX pro rider (Flatland) since 1986 (Mexicos team leader)
Publisher and editor of BMX magazines and books (Cream, A.R.T...)
BMX teacher for Paris BMX School association
Team manager and Event organizer

On Gotham Surveyor...

Gotham Surveyor :
Paris: Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, Louvre

"Time movin' slow. Reality, I could barely grip it. See you prolly be slippin', but me, I keep it pimpin'." Bouldering ain't no joke. You definitely need a strong grip for that endeavor. I guess most teenage males would be pros. But after trying it, I have an admiration for anyone who can do it. Some of those cats are crazy. Ionno what you call climbing a mountain raw dog – probably free climbing or some shit – but that shit is insane. Basically, no safety harness, so if you fall, it's a wrap. What a way to die. I guess you died doing what you loved. But, in the case of most, hopefully, before you do die doing what you love, you have enough consciousness left to delete your browser history. Then, and only then, could you rest in peace.